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NeosChip Semiconductors is founded by industry experts and decades of experience in VLSI front end RTL design, verification and Backend physical designs. Our trianing structure is planned to meet VLSI Industry requirements by parting students with sufficient skills in VLSI and thus providing Industry with the quality engineering resources through our intensive curriculum. At Neoschip we provide trainings in Advanced Diploma in VLSI Front End Design course, Design Verification Course using systemverilog/UVM and Backend Physical Design Course. Its complete course structure in the VLSI Design covering from Chip Architecture to GDSII, while providing exhaustive exposure to the engineering students about the VLSI Industry standards, with Chip design Techniques and Methodologies.

Latest News

VLSI Design trainings

The Course structure is designed by the VLSI industry experts with decades of VLSI Design experience and by experts. Trainings in VLSI Design and Technology, covers from the basic concepts and then moves to Advanced ASIC development cycle and Methodologies. Neoschip Semiconductors transforms fresh engineering graduate into skilled VLSI professionals.

VLSI Physical Design Course

We are offering advanced VLSI Physical Design Courses, course structure is designed by industry experts with decades of VLSI Design experience. Physical design is advanced semiconductor chip design platform and is going to provide numerous oppurtunities to experienced engineers and for fresh graduates, course covers from the basic concepts and then moves to Advanced concepts with recent lower nanometer technology covering till 28nm. The course also provides indepth knowledge of design timing and signoff checks. After completeing this course it brings expertise in handling complex chip Design solutions.

VLSI Design Verification

We are pioneers in VLSI Design training in India, our course is designed by the industry experts with decades of VLSI Design experience. Covers topics from the basic concepts and then moves to Advanced VLSI design verification concepts the course is designed considering most recent and advanced methodologies in VLSI designs.



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NeoChip Semiconductors

#11, 1st Floor, JCR Tower, Anantha Ram Layout,
Anand Nagar, Aswath Nagar, Marathahalli,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037

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